For parents raising children with disabilities – the best story you will read today

Mom, city schools never gave up on student diagnosed with autism

A mother’s advice

“As the mother of a student with special needs, Debbie Larson has been more than a mom. She has been a source of motivation, his advocate and a liaison between her son and school administrators.  She has learned about state and federal laws and built up her advocacy skills to fight for her son Kevin’s right to attend school and obtain a Regents diploma. Larson shared some things that she has learned along the way so that others may benefit from her experience.

“Patience and perseverance have been the biggest keys,” she said. “Believe in your knowledge of your child. If you know in your gut something is right or wrong for your child, stick to your guns.”

More specifically, she suggested for parents to learn about available testing and about their child’s disability. Learn how to become a full and equal team member with the school staff and remember that long after the professionals have moved on to other students, “you will still be the most important part of your child’s life.”

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