Why I’m Excited for the May 14th Launch of the First-Ever Online “Civilian Boot Camp” for Transitioning Service Members

In the U.S. military, what matters is the teamwork and what can be accomplished together versus individually. We who served carry that lesson forward into civilian life once we take the uniform off for the last time.

There are many veteran entrepreneurs who have created business services, to partner with nonprofit groups, federal and state agencies, to lend our skills learned as civilians to reach back and pull up – we continue to serve – this time we serve our fellow military service members as they begin the next chapter of their lives as civilians. Why?

Because those of us who have crossed that chasm know how terrifying, dizzying and disorienting the transition can be. I often compare it to what it might feel like to arrive at a totally new planet…EVERYTHING and EVERYONE around you is different and many times, you feel alone, uncertain and discouraged. What you learned and helped you succeed on the first planet doesn’t help much on this one.  Planet Civilian.

So Lance T. Walker, a fellow Air Force veteran with a Special Ops background who created the We Hire Heroes Network, one of the leading veteran employment resources on the web, decided to innovate.

Here’s the result: a 10-day VIRTUAL Summit that brings together 20 career and personal development professionals in a volunteer effort to ease the transition to civilian life. Lance had attended many other summits, events where an organizer gathered experts from one industry or other. He thought, Why not apply this technology to bring together those who serve military veterans and those in transition, and their spouses?

He looked around and saw it hadn’t been done before so he created it.

The first-ever online summit -brilliantly branded Civilian Boot Camp  – kicks off May 14th and ends May 23rd when yours truly wraps up the Summit as the Closing Keynote. I am honored and humbled to join these 19 servant leaders.


See the entire speaker lineup, truly something for everyone – here at the event’s News Release.  Or enjoy this one-minute video that describes the Summit’s objectives perfectly.

READY TO REGISTER FOR FREE? Here’s the link.  Now….who can you share this blog post with who needs the knowledge? Needs a nudge? Needs a professional network filled with veterans ready to make new, valuable connections that will lead to next steps and career success?

Below is an image of the team;  the list of speakers, hyperlinked to LinkedIn profiles is below it.

Please think of at least one person and share this post with him or her. They will thank you!


Antwain Thomas, USN (Ret.), “Business and Financial Strategies for Veterans”

Deanna Cowling, Transition Mentor, “Exploring Your Federal Career Options”

Deborrah Ashley, Civilian Supporter, “How to Grow Affluence by Building Influence”

Dylan Raymond, United States Army (Ret.), “Moving Swiftly from Deployment to Employment”

Francina Harrison, US Navy Spouse, ” Strategies for Re-Engineering Your Career”

Jenny W Clark, Civilian Supporter, “Secrets for Contracting with the Federal Government”

Lance T. Walker, USAF Veteran, “Why Veterans and Their Families Need a Boot Camp Out”

Lida Citroën, USAF Academy Instructor, “Personal Branding and Reputation Management for Veterans”

Lila Holley, United States Army (Ret.), “Sharing Female Veteran Transition Stories”

Lisa Nichols, Civilian Supporter, “Creating Your Best Destiny: Unlock Your Abundance”

Melissa Peavey, Civilian Supporter, “Discovering Your Passion & Activating Your Life’s Purpose”

Melissa Washington, USN Veteran, “Connecting and Empowering Female Veterans”

Michael Kissinger, United States Army (Ret.), ” Real Income Strategies for Military Spouses”

Michelle Tillis Lederman, Civilian Supporter, “Principles of Likability Leadership”

Sam P Lark Jr , US Air Force Spouse, “Using Social Media to Create Career Security”

Tom Wolfe, USN (Ret.), “Successful Career Strategies for Military Veterans”

Trevor O. D. Noel, USAF (Ret.), ” Putting the Human Back in Human Capital Acquisition”

Vivian Manghram-Favors, MBA, USN (Ret.) “Crowdfunding for Veteran- Owned Businesses”

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5 Responses to Why I’m Excited for the May 14th Launch of the First-Ever Online “Civilian Boot Camp” for Transitioning Service Members

  1. Joe Mackey says:

    I’d be interested in being part of this a recently retired Navy Senior Chief. We know about TGPS/TAPS, VA, and some benefits. I spent 6 months researching information before my terminal leave date and am still learning more each day. Nothing I’ve seen can prepare someone for that transition, though this looks promising. The key is to know where you’re going and what you want to do and have someone guide you.

  2. grace says:

    Thank you for your comment, Chief! My brother is a Navy Senior Chief so you’ve got a special place in my heart. 🙂 You said it: “Nothing can prepare someone for that transition.” SOOOOO true. So, WE VETERANS AND SPOUSES, the ones who have crossed that transition chasm, are going to improve upon what we’ve already seen done and quite often fall short. We’re coming TOGETHER to share transition and workforce development experience, reaching back to pull up all who need this. Please register and spread the word about this UNIQUE Civilian Boot Camp designed BY the military community (NOT the Dept of Labor like TAP) FOR the military community. Again, thank you.

  3. Eddie Dunn says:

    I wish you all the best in this much needed mission. Might want to double check your entry of Lida…I might be wrong, but don’t think she went to the USAF Academy.

  4. grace says:

    Eddie, You’re correct. I was told she teaches at the USAFA. I’ve changed it now. Thanks! Please spread the word. All who are hearing about this transition support event created BY veterans FOR our transitioning members and spouses are saying the same thing: “I wish something like this existed when I got out.” It’s time!

  5. JD Luna says:

    Sounds promising- keep me posted!

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