Meeting Congressmen on Tuesday; Cleaning Toilets on Thursday

I’ve had an extraordinary six days flying back and forth (and again back and forth) between California and Washington D.C. A Friday night gala in D.C. where I accepted a very special award, a Tuesday lunch where I was introduced to three congressmen and several VIPs and a Tuesday evening event where I moderated a panel of experts from two cabinet departments, a congressional office and two private enterprises.

The latter was the first event tied to the findings and stories from my upcoming book Latinnovating: Green American Jobs and the Latinos Creating Them. It’s been an amazing week of networking at a whole new level and realizing how many people are ready to help me make this book a huge success.

But then today, my first “relaxing” day home after a week with two red-eye flights in four days, I felt the need to nest inside my home….so I cleaned out the refrigerator and cleaned my toilets.  It was the perfect contrast to the special events of the week, and truly reflective of the complexities of my life. I truly am blessed for the variety of activities I live each day!

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