Cal Alumni and Students: Ever wonder what the inside of the Stanford tree smells like?

This week I happily joined the ranks of published authors, as this Cal anthology came out after months collaborating with 34 other Cal grads and two motivated editors. When I Was There: Life at Berkeley 1960-2010 is now available via Amazon for $12.  It’s a collaboration of 35 UC Berkeley grads and a fundraiser for the Cal Alumni in Arts & Entertainment Club.

My essay begins with “Ever wonder what the inside of the Stanford tree smells like?” It’s titled “Inhaling the Stanford Tree” and yes, it’s based on a true story of the “borrowing” of the tree one spring day…….

Official book blurb at Amazon is: “From the 1960s to the 21st century, this anthology contains personal stories of life as a Cal student: heart-warming, heart wrenching, and humorous. Incoming freshman, students, and alumni get to see Cal as it was and as it is today. Written entirely by Cal alumni authors, part-nostalgic, part-pride, and part wonderment, When I Was There celebrates the many facets of the UC Berkeley experience.”

It’s just in time for Father’s Day too. Enjoy our work and please tell your Cal alumni friends, current students, etc.  We want this creative fundraiser to be a great success for this terrific Alumni Club. Oh yeah, if you do buy the book and enjoy the collection, please be sure to write a review at 🙂

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