Special Education Seminar #5 Set for March 22nd

  • See what parents are saying about this seminar.
  • Attend the next one to get valuable knowledge and first-hand insight into the organizational culture of school districts.
  • Armed with knowledge of special education law, your legal rights, and how school districts operate, you can then effectively partner with educators and administrators to ensure your child receives educational benefit.
  • Learn directly from an advocate who is also a mother of a child learning and thriving in the special education system.
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The Greening of America: Hispanic Environmental Advocates Take the Lead

The Greening of America

My feature article in the Fall 2009 issue of Hispanic MBA Magazine has been published! It was distributed at the National Society of Hispanic MBAs conference in Minneapolis in October. It generated lots of buzz about the innovators, innovations, organizations featured in the article.

Are you directly involved in creating, launching, funding or using real innovations in the new green economy? If so, please email me at grace AT gracefullyglobal DOT com. Also let me know if :

  • You know someone I could interview for the book
  • You want to keep up on the progress towards the book deal
  • You want me to speak to your organization about the fascinating people and compelling innovations featured in the article.

Thanks for your interest in this topic, the article and the book-to-be. Enjoy the article. I would love to hear from you after you read it.


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Beginning the book proposal process

I’ve entered into the next exciting step towards becoming a published author (of a business book). I’ve written the proposal for the first publisher I will pitch to and am working with a friend who is an editor to make it as great. Stay tuned….

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For years I’ve wanted to have a site to share all the publishing credits I’ve worked so hard to earn. Thanks to my husband Genro and the wonders of CMS, here it is!

Feel free to explore depending on your interests. Are you a business person thinking of hiring a ghost blogger? A teacher of the visually impaired looking for family-created content to share with the parents of a newly-diagnosed blind baby? Are you looker for a speaker for your early childhood development conference? Looking for case studies of global enterprises that have deployed unified communications technologies? There’s something here for you. Enjoy! www.gracetiscareno-sato.com.

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